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Messege from the President

Dear members and colleagues

As the President of Ethiopian Overseas Employment Agencies Federation (EOEAF), the EOEAF at large has never been more relevant and important for those of us who are firmly believe labor export as the vital sector in Ethiopian economy and its overall impact on the individuals who depart from Ethiopia in search of work. I have come to think of opportunities to learn, mentor and advice to the great challenge we face. A team of our board members whom each of them has a talent to advocate, brainstorm, and work passionately to make Ethiopia a competitive country and perform   greatly in par with the world’s best  labor export countries.

The changes around us whether the world of labor export, macroeconomic policies, ILO labor policy, legal framework of migration, economic and bilateral agreement require that we help our members navigate through new and increasingly competitive landscapes, which profoundly impact the work of recruitment, our community, and the large part of Ethiopian families. In many instances, we are responsible to help shape those dynamic ever changing conditions.

Our members of foreign employment agent communities, governmental stake holders and social stake holders, are a network on which I have become increasingly reliant when facing these new challenges and opportunities.

I am proud of EOEAF’S successes over the last year, particularly in providing more opportunities for meaningful engagement of our board members and Ministry of Labour and social affairs , introducing better working mechanisms that stopped unnecessary overcrowd at Ministry’s gate, improvement on commission ceiling that binded with agreement,   and providing substantial social outreach programs that supported our defense forces , helped poor families and supporting deportees   that arrived from abroad and many more. In the year ahead, we will continue this social responsibility work, as well as discussing with other countries to open their markets.

Thank you members for your continued participations and enthusiasm in our professional member’s community, and all stakeholders’ support and valuable advice. Finally , I would like to give special appreciation to our board of directors , for their work on behalf of  the EOEAF and the Ministry of labour and social affairs for all their resources, guidance and support they provide each and every day. Thank you all!   



Nebil Mohammed